Lely High School (Change)
Naples, FL

It all starts with your cap and gown.

Your graduation day deserves a lot of ceremony—and you deserve a great-looking cap and gown. We can give you both, created especially in your school colors. Just give us your basic measurements, and we guarantee your cap and gown will fit you perfectly.


Start by selecting your cap and gown below. Note: Images shown are for reference only; you will receive your school’s official cap and gown.

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The Grad Fee for Lely High School includes:
Custom Cap & Gown that you will keep
School Senior Fee (non refundable)
Mini Keyring Tassel
2019 Senior T-Shirt (Upgrade to other Styles)

This package includes the following products:

Cap and Gown comes in Lely High School colors.
Cap and gowns will be delivered at the school approximately 2 weeks before graduation.
Mini Tassel & T-Shirt is either delivered at school (VIP program) or shipped to home 3-4 weeks after order is processed.

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