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Class Rings

Why should I buy a class ring from Herff Jones?

Herff Jones is the official supplier of your school’s official class ring.  We’ve been selected to provide a one-of-a-kind ring for your school and give you the opportunity to personalize and customize it to your satisfaction.  It’s your ring!

Is the Grad Cap Ring Box available for purchase?

A Grad Cap Ring Box is provided only with the purchase of a Herff Jones Class Ring.

How do I make a payment?

Make a payment by clicking to the home page and then the "Make a payment" button.

What is the best way to take care of my ring?

Even the purest of gold or silver jewelry will tarnish or discolor if subjected to harsh cleaning materials, acids, or alkalis. Your ring will return to its original luster if polished with a good silver cleaner or washed with a mild soap. Finish by buffing with a soft cloth. 

How/where do I get my finger sized?

You want it done right.  The best way is to have your finger professionally sized by your local Herff Jones Representative in school.  It’s quick and easy.

My ring just arrived, but the size isn’t quite right. Can I get it adjusted?

Since temperature and exercise often affect the size of your finger, we recommend that you wear your ring at least two (2) weeks before you consider a change in the size of the ring.  Your ring may feel strange at first - that is normal.  Within two (2) weeks, it should feel as comfortable.  If you find it doesn’t fit quite right, contact your local Herff Jones Representative.

How will my ring be delivered?

Your local Herff Jones representative will deliver it at your school.  The date and location will be provided to you.

How can I determine what size ring I need?

There are a couple of ways you can determine your ring size. If you have a printer you can print our PDF ring sizer.

If you do not have a printer you can order a free ring sizer, which will be mailed to you.

Cap & Gown

Why should I buy a Cap and Gown from Herff Jones?

Congratulations on your achievements! Your school has selected Herff Jones as the official supplier of your school’s caps and gowns. The cap and gown you have ordered is the correct color and style for your commencement ceremony.  

Why do I need a cap, gown and tassel?

Graduation ceremonies date back to the 12th and 13th centuries. As you walk across the stage to receive your diploma, your cap, gown and tassel are a symbol of your graduation accomplishment. It’s an event for you, your friends and family can share in together to celebrate your important transition as you graduate to a new chapter in your life!

Should I wash my gown before wearing?

All ClassRental™ and Classkeeper™ have been properly cleaned and bagged for your immediate use. You may need to use an iron with light steam on the gowns to remove any wrinkles that may have occurred. There is no need to wash either gown.

What if my cap and gown does not fit?

We pride ourselves in making sure you look nothing short of excellent for your graduation. If your cap and gown arrives and you need to correct something, please contact your local Herff Jones Representative as soon as possible.

What side do I wear my tassel on before I graduate?

Tassels are worn on the right side of cap and moved to the left side once the graduates receive their diplomas. Some schools move the tassel all together once all graduates have received their diplomas. Please check with your school for directions.

How do I return my cap and gown after graduation?

If your gown is ClassRental™ gown, please check with your school or Herff Jones representative for directions on how to return. If your gown is a ClassKeeper™ gown, you may take it home with you as a reminder of your special day! All tassels are also memorable souvenirs.

How will my Cap and Gown be delivered?

Your local Herff Jones representative will deliver it at your school.  The date and location will be provided to you.

Announcements & Accessories, Invitations & Thank You Notes

Why should I buy announcements and accessories from Herff Jones?

Congratulations on your graduation! Your school has selected Herff Jones as the official supplier of your school’s custom graduation announcements.  Your announcements are designed specifically for your school and your class.  You can’t get these anywhere else. These help you tell all of your friends and family of your great achievement.

Why should I buy my Graduation items from Herff Jones?

Herff Jones is the only “official provider” of your school’s custom graduation announcements and accessories.  Purchasing announcements and other graduation products from anyone other than Herff Jones means that those products will not be customized to your specific school and the announcements may not contain the correct graduation ceremony information that is vital for your friends and relatives who plan on attending.  Don’t settle for generic substitutes.  We make ordering easy and convenient by coming directly to your school on multiple occasions throughout your senior year.

Why do I need Thank You notes?

Those who you announced your big day to will likely want to celebrate your achievement with you by providing you with a gift. Sending a thank you note is proper etiquette for receiving a gift or acknowledgement of your successful completion of High School. While sending an e-mail might be common with other correspondence today, a hand written thank you note, mailed, is the proper way to recognize those who played an important role in your accomplishment.

Can I cancel or change my order?

Please contact your local Herff Jones representative office if you need to modify or cancel your order.  Cancellations can be made within three business days of your order to obtain a full refund.  Refunds vary based upon the time the cancelation request is made and based on if the product has already been manufactured with your personalized name and graduating class.

Why do I have to order so many namecards?

Graduate namecards are manufactured in quantities of 50.  This quantity allows you to include one namecard with each announcement and thank you note you send before and after graduation.  You can also include namecards in your memory albums or other Herff Jones graduation products.  Some students even use them as a form of business card.

How will my graduation products be delivered?

Your local Herff Jones representative will deliver your order to your school.  The date and location will be provided to you.  Graduation products will typically be delivered 6-8 weeks prior to your graduation.

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